Friday, August 27, 2010

Current Academic Study in progress

Here is some exiting news in the world of IADC.

Professor Mo Hannah, PhD, and a some of her colleagues in the Department of Psychology at Siena College in NY are conducting a study on IADC.

Essentially, they will focus on the therapeutic aspects (i.e. healing) associated with IADC. Their in depth statistical analyses will include pre, post, and follow-up measures, as well as a screening form that may indicate certain factors that work either for or against a good therapeutic outcome (e.g. patient beliefs, patient history, recency of the loss, medications, etc.). The total number of cases is 71 (all Dr. Botkin’s), which should provide enough information to be able to draw some very significant conclusions.

For many years now, IADC therapists have been reporting that IADC therapy works in rapid and dramatic fashion. This study will be the first that actually addresses these and other issues from a statistical/analytical/mathematical perspective.

Stay tuned for the results of this study and more.

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