Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dr. Al's success in Germany

My second trip to Germany was another great success. I trained a large group of psychologists and psychiatrists in my IADC procedure. While most were German, there were also therapists from other European countries--e.g. Spain, Austria, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. Their response to IADC was very enthusiastic.

I was invited to return again next year, and probably for a more extended stay to get involved in related projects. My German colleagues are in the process of developing an IADC institute that they will call "The Allan Botkin Institute". Of course, I gave them my approval to proceed.

The primary reason IADC is taking off so well there, I believe, is that I have been fortunate enough to connect with some very influential people in Europe. I will have pictures to post very soon.

Our hosts wined and dined us in splendid fashion. After spending most of our time in Heidelberg, we went by train to Cologne. The train followed the Rhine, and we saw all of the castles along the river. It was magnificent.

IADC has found another home in Germany, and Germany is on the way to becoming the hub for IADC in Europe. I am very encouraged by these developments.

Dr. Al Botkin